Additional Comments On The Offerings


Leviticus 6-7


The Trespass Offering of Leviticus 5 continues through the first 7 verses of Leviticus 61.


Leviticus 6:8 to 7:21 - The five offerings are reviewed. KJV introduces each section with “This is the law of….” I prefer NIV “These are the regulations of ….” They are instructions to the priest, in more detail than the first round. All five are there – though the order is different – and no new offerings were added. In this round, the dietary features of the sacrifice are emphasized more than the atonement features. This also serves as a segue into the dietary laws enumerated in Leviticus 11, immediately after the intermission of Leviticus 8-10.


The wave offering and the (if you read from KJV OR NKJV) heave offering are not new types of offerings. Rather they describe the manner in which they were offered. They were introduced briefly in Exodus 29 when Aaron was consecrated as Priest.


• Wave Offering. This refers to the Priest’s portion of the offering. The Priest holds his own portion up to the Lord, and then takes it back.


• Heave Offering. KJV/NKJV is more literal, but there is no “heaving.” The heave offering is simply the presentation of the offering to the Priest.


Leviticus 7:22-37 are a final set of instructions that apply to all offerings.


As always, the focus is Christ. Christ is the bread of life. Christ is the new vine. Christ is to be glorified in the wave; and to be glorified in the heave.


And all of this tends to get lost today – because we have the person Christ Himself. When Israel presented offerings, they looked ahead to the one-day risen Lord. It was their act of faith. Were we to look back to the risen Lord with the offerings of Leviticus 1-5, it would actually demonstrate that we LACK faith. The Sacrifice is complete.


“It is finished.”


1Be careful with the apologia that Chapter and Verse separations are not inspired. They don’t always make sense to us. But don’t overlook that Acts 13:33 identifies an Old Testament chapter specifically by chapter number.


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