Comment From The Hebrew Scribes


1 Samuel 1:1, 20


The Hebrew Scribes named the first book of the Bible “In the beginning;” the second book “These are the names;” the third book “And He called;” the fourth book “In the desert;” the fifth book “These are the words.” They had a habit of naming the whole book based on the first verse in the book.


Now we get to Samuel. The name of the book is Samuel, yet Samuel doesn’t make an appearance until verse 20. Yet they stayed consistent with naming the book from the first verse. I will defer asking the sucker question: How can this be?


“Samuel” does in fact occur in the first verse. The name simply spans two words.



The name of the book Samuel appears in the red and blue boxes at the top:


f is an S. v is an Sh.


m is an M.


w can be an O or a U.


a is silent – in this context it can be thought of as a filler consonant to separate consecutive vowels.


l is an L.


Reading right to left, the title of the book – when you add the vowels back in – is Samuel.


The words in the text read “ushmo Elqanah.” And his name was Elkanah.


In “ushmo,” the prefix “u” simply means And. The suffix “o” means “his.” Shem is the Hebrew word for “name.” In other words, Noah named his son “Name.”


“Shmo” without the prefix means “his name.” The street expression “Joe shmo” means “His name is Joe.” Or to smooth it out, ”some guy named Joe.”


It is a hidden word game, but Samuel does appear in the book’s first verse. The scribes knew it was there – or else the book would have been given a different name.


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