Bible Expositions


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April 3, 2014



A. Genesis 1-11


·         A Six-Day Creation

·         In the Beginning, Jesus

·         The Twin Trophies of the Creation-Evolution Debate

·         The God of Science and Appearance of Age

·         The Unity of Genesis and the Unity of the Pentateuch

·         Now in the Meantime

·         Adam’s Search for a Mate

·         Hath God Said – The Dangers of Too Many Versions

·         The Salvation of Adam

·         Eve’s Desire

·         An Introduction to Hebrew Poetry

·         Gems in the Desert

·         The Sons of God

·         Noah’s Pajamas


B. Genesis 12-50


·         The Calamity Of Surrogate Motherhood

·         How To Deal With Calamity

·         The Death Of Esau’s Father

·         Jacob’s Deal With Laban

·         Twice Blessed


C. Exodus

·         Dating The Exodus

·         Pharaoh’s Heart

·         Moses Couldn’t Do It

·         The Law

·         The Sabbath Law


D. Leviticus

·         Leviticus Overview

·         Holiness and The Priesthood

·         The Offerings

·         Additional comments On The Offerings

·         The High Priest

·         Mocking Obedience and Correctable Disobedience


E. The Best of Isaiah


·         Overview

·         All Creation Obeys God – Except Man

·         On a Scale that is God

·         The Virgin Shall Conceive


F. More On Beyond Sunday School


·         Be Still

·         Impossible