The Humblest Man On Earth


Numbers 12:3


Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.


This may be the most curious statement in any context ever committed to print. Moses was the author of Numbers 12:3. And no human being could ever write this statement about himself credibly. Of course we know that Moses was merely the scribe the Holy Spirit is the author.


It is not an inerrancy issue that Moses wrote this about himself. He was who he was, and if Moses was humble, more than all men on the face of the earth, then there should be no qualm that he published it as truth. And rarely does anyone challenge the accuracy of the verse.


The most humble of people prefer to fade into obscurity before making a statement that quantifies their humility. The Holy Spirit directed him to write this verse, and it is certain he did a double-take. He might have quietly refused. As a matter of irony, it might have been his very humility that gave him the strength to write it.


The people were less than three days removed from Sinai, and they started fussing, and Moses was bearing the complaint. Aaron and Miriam were complaining about the skin color of their sister-in-law, and had started impeachment proceedings, even a coup, against Moses. And God recognized that the people were not rebelling against Moses. Moses was simply in the way. The people were rebelling against God.


Moses found himself with an extraordinary choice: Either he could write the words that no man humble or proud could ever write about himself; or he could join the people in rebellion against God. A prouder man would have refused simply because the prouder man lacks in humility. Moses because he was humble was able to obey.


By application, some verses in scripture serve as their own proof of Divine authorship. A mere man writing the story would not have put one of the heroes in such a weakened state. And a mere man writing the story would not have directed another man to make such a comment about himself.


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