A Six-Day Creation


Do you believe that Jesus paid the wages for the sins of the world in three days? If you are saved, the testimony of your Faith requires that you answer with a "yes." Do you believe that God the Son1 in six days completed Creation? Well some people – even good Christians – lean towards saying, "no." They believe that a day in Genesis 1 should be comprehended as a time period of undefined length. But God the Son, who claims to have created the world in six days is the same God-Jesus, Who in three days paid the wages for the sins of the world. There seems little reason for anyone who believes Jesus paid the wages for the sins of the world in three days not to believe likewise that the Son created the world in six days.


The mathematics of Creation is impossible to fathom. After all, how can God create life and matter after the pattern of Genesis 1? The sixth day of Creation is particularly questionable. Because it suggests that in a single 24-hour period, Adam was created, went to an orientation class taught by God, learned how to work the ground, named all the animals, and still had time left over to get lonely. Yet, we cannot overlook that the mathematics of regeneration is impossible to grasp as well. Jesus paid the wages for my sin. The wages of one sin is eternal death. If Jesus had died only for me, and if I had only sinned once, and He served a punishment for eternity in only three days, this alone would have been an impossible task to complete.


Jesus died for all my sins. How many is that? In the flesh, with every heartbeat, I fall short of God’s standard of holiness. I am (at the time of this writing) slightly past my 58th birthday. 58 times 365, times the number of times I sin every day; oh, and don’t forget to add for Leap Year, and then there is of course future sin. We may as well call my total sin an accumulation of infinity. So, Jesus would have to pay the wages of an infinite amount of time in death, not once or twice, but an infinite number of times. And that is just to deliver one person, from all their sins.


However, Jesus died for the whole world. Once Jesus finished paying for paying for one person's huge accumulation of sins, each sin for an eternity, Jesus would have to start over for a second person, and then again for a third person, and so forth for today's 7 billion people. The people who have passed on must be included too. The number yet to be born; and the number of souls conceived but never born as well. My calculator would explode! It would border on the infinite.


So, Jesus would have to pay the wages of an infinite amount of time in death for each sin … for an infinite number of sins for each person …. for an infinite number of people. It took Him three days to accomplish that, and we willingly accept this by Faith; for it is the – THE – central focus point of our faith. Yet, we start having second thoughts when we hear of that same Jesus creating the world in six days. We start hypothesizing six time periods of undefined length, by some estimates extending into the millions of years or longer. If we truly believe that Jesus is the Master of time when dying for our sins, my question on Creation is not how can He do it in a week. My question is what took Him so long?


1 John 1:3 "All things were made through Him (the Word, 1:1, 18), and without Him was not anything made that was made” identifies God the Son as the member of the Godhead to perform Creation. But He wasn't named Jesus until the incarnation. "God the Son" is used to refer to the second person of the Godhead prior to the incarnation.


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