Statement of Doctrinal Unity

Statement 9 Ė Regarding the church.


I believe that the local church is Godís means of providing counsel and direction to all Christians from Pentecost to the Rapture.

Clarification: I will engage in limited discussion on the Rapture. There is no declarative statement regarding the Rapture.


I believe the local church is given broad authority to direct the lives of its member Christians, and that Ė subject to staying within Godís general requirements Ė no two local churches need provide the same counsel.


I believe that the local church can be governed according to its own discretion, subject to meeting the requirements of God.


I believe that only baptized believers should be granted membership into a local church.


I believe that membership should be removed upon adequate and compelling evidence that the memberís testimony of salvation was not borne by the Spirit, but by the testatorís own will; I believe that the removed member become an immediate candidate for being ministered to as a non-believer.