Statement of Doctrinal Unity

Statement 3 Regarding God the Father.

We believe that there is one God.

We believe that God is Eternal. He has no beginning, and no end. There is no time when God was not or will not be.

We believe that God is Self-Existent. Nobody and nothing caused Him to be.

We believe that God is Immutable, unchangeable in His nature.

We believe that God is Almighty. There is nothing consistent with His nature and apart from logical paradox that He is unable to do. By "logical paradox," we mean any of a broad array of absurdum attacks on God's abilities such as adding 5 and 2 and getting 9.


We believe that God is Omnipresent. He is in all places at all times.


We believe that God is Omniscient; there is nothing past, present or future He does not know.


We believe that God exists outside of time, and thereby, through His foreknowledge and through His capacity to direct the affairs of man, He can be trusted to foretell future events.