Statement of Doctrinal Unity

Statement 10 Ė Regarding social matters.


I believe that man lives in rebellion against God, and that he cannot be trusted to reflect Godís will.


I believe that abortion (other than spontaneous abortion), any sexual activity involving people not married to each other, any sexual activity regarding two people closely related (whether or not by blood) excepting husband and wife, any sexual activity between two people of the same sex, or sexual activity involving man and beast are all abominable activities in the sight of God.


I believe that all world views that do not teach Jesus as the Son of God, Lord, and Savior are an abomination before Him.


I believe that God calls on Christians to provide assistance to the poor, the widow, and the orphan, both in terms of economic aid but also in terms of judicial proceedings. I believe government can fulfill that role only to the extent that it honors Godís will on other matters.