Statement of Doctrinal Unity

Statement 4 – Regarding God the Son.


We believe that God the Son created the heaven and the earth; we believe that all sustenance of physical matter - from the minutest levels of the energies behind atomic sub-components to the most grandiose orbits of the several galaxies, and all matter in between - is maintained by God the Son.  


We believe God the Son is Eternal. His pre-incarnate being is variously named in the Old Testament. We believe that "God" (Genesis 1:1), "the Lord" (Genesis 18:22), "Captain of the Lord's Guard" (Joshua 5:15), and "son of the gods" (Daniel 4:25), and many others serve as examples of the names used for Jesus in the Old Testament, though we will keep whether any individual appearance is indeed God the Son a matter of discussion. In the New Testament, His pre-incarnate substance is only called “the Word.”

We believe that God the Son became flesh through a virgin mother conceived by God the Spirit. Upon His physical birth, He was named Jesus, the annointed Savior.


We believe that God the Son died without having committed a single act of sin against God the Father; that Jesus' death qualifies Him to stand on behalf of anyone who believes on Him before God in the day that God calls us to give an account.


We believe that by trusting in God the Son, any human being can be saved from the effects of past, present and future sins, and that God will completely forgive all sins.


We believe that God the Son stands as the Eternal Priest for all believers.